Containment Walls
Halo will provide and install engineered zero ground disturbance metal containment walls. Zero ground disturbance walls are easy and safe to install because there is no digging of post holes or support braces. Our containment systems meet Alberta’s stringent D55 requirements. When combined with our other services such as our polyurethane spray, it creates a tough, long lasting barrier that resists even the strongest of chemicals used on the market today. Walls are available in 12” to 44” heights and can be designed and installed for any type of configuration system. Cross-over stair packages can be included and built for operations access.

Containment walls are made from weather resistant galvanized steel. Characteristics include:
• Available in heights from 12? – 44?
• Easy and quick to install
• Zero Ground Disturbance
• Can be made in any configuration
• Meets and exceeds D55
Tank Farms
Tank farms new and existing pose several logistical containment issues when dealing with multiple tanks, pipe and pile protrusions, tank pads, surface activity and the ability to integrity check the liners for AER regulation adherence.
Using a spray applied liner for existing tank farms in an excellent method to spray in place and not need to implement costly tank moving or lifting operations in order to contain under tanks. As long as there is a few inches of room Halo can apply and seal our liners under any existing tank installation.
New tank farms allow Halo to significantly reduce project costs by pre spraying factory manufactured sheets in our controlled environment and deploy onsite simply chemically bonding the pre-spray sheets together making our onsite install time and crew size much smaller when compared to other containment systems.
Halo uses the latest technology in spray applied polyurethane liners and equipment to apply our secondary containment systems.
These liners are completely seamless and require zero additional hardware to attach to surfaces or around piping, pilling, on to concrete or metal surfaces.
Halo custom fits all our spray liners to any new or existing containment area and matches the topography of the environment in which we are containing. Making pipe and pile protrusions or 3 dimensional obstacles an easy task to contain around compared to traditional forms of sheet lining membranes.
Apply to any clean and dry surface for excellent product adhesion to any substrate for maximum effectiveness.

Gas Compressor Containment – Stop the Leaking Now

Below are case studies demonstrating how gas compressors can affect the integrity of your well sites. Halo offers solutions for such situations . . .
Gas Compressors Contaminate Well Sites
Gas Compressors have always been a challenge to contain the leaking fluids from the engine due to the constant vibration in the building. This leads to costly clean up bills and soil remediation costs.
The simple solution to this problem is to install a flexible, vibration resistant, elastomeric liner in your belly pan that encompasses all of the cross beams, corners, and conduits under your gas compressor. This impervious membrane traps and holds onto the leaking contaminants coming out of the compressor engine preventing them from entering the ground under the building. Leaving it to be safely and easily removed on the regular maintenance clean-ups of the building.
Concern Regarding Compressor Sump Liners
Multiple areas under the compressor had failed over the years due to poor adhesion allowing for potential oil seepage from the compressor area. The customer was also having issues with some of the pipes lines freezing inside the compressor building during the cold season. The biggest issue found under this compressor was ground water pushing up on the existing compressor sump liner causing hydrostatic pressure to push the existing liner seams apart.
Remove the existing sump liner that was no longer providing proper containment and replace with a new spray in liner. Provide a reliable cost-effective insulation solution for the compressor building to minimize the cold penetration. Provide a reliable cost-effective environmentally safe method to deal with the ground water to eliminate the negative affect it has on the sump liner.

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