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20 January 2022
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In most companies, time is of the essence. In close proximity to time is the manpower to execute a project within a specified time. In our present day circumstances, many companies find themselves short staffed and short on time.

We have a solution for you.

Halo provides Project Management Services to companies:

  • who do not have the time or manpower to procure all necessary subtrades and contractors required to execute large projects;
  • who need assistance troubleshooting problems that arise when contractors work independently of each other.

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How Halo recently assisted our client with their major project

Our client required a multi-faceted approach to their project that Halo was instrumental at coordinating and executing. Activities included:

  • Cleaning: which involved hydrovac, steam cleaning and fluid removal services and neutralization of acidic waste fluids. Mobilized several trucks and crews over a multi month time span.
  • Welding – fabrication of steel trenches, procuring raw materials, fix and replacement of existing trench work. Over a half dozen welders were coordinated to fabricate several hundred feet of steel into trench inserts to fix and replace the existing facility trench system.
  • Sandblasting – cleaning all metal surfaces to a SSPC 10 for coatings application. Also utilized a scaffolding subcontractor to horde and heat the entire area for the duration of the sandblasting. This also allowed for full operation of the building with zero down time throughout the project.
  • Coatings – applying specialty coatings to the prepared surfaces that resist highly corrosive acids and caustic fluids that were present in the trenches. This industry changing coating was selected due to its incredible resistance to harsh chemicals and it long life expectancy to continued exposure to contaminants.
  • Project Coordination – Halo provided project managers for the project who not only successfully progressed and transitioned from task to task but were also onsite and hands on through the duration of the project for day and night shifts.
Project management included:
  • Full safety process completed by Halo.
  • Minimal client oversight was required from start to finish.
  • Halo completed the project ahead of time and under budget.
  • Able to pivot very quickly with additional resources or scope of work change when problems arouse.

Here’s How We Helped Our Client

The client has a network of sumps and trenches running throughout their facility process buildings that were built over 10 years ago. These trenches were built to hold all the process fluid and runoff from the operating equipment and storage tanks. Everything was metal lined with interstitial monitoring space between metal and concrete. The area was always full of contaminants and metal was observed to have deteriorated significantly over time.

  1. Remove all solidified sediment build up from trenches and sump.
  2. Isolated off drains and valves flowing process fluid into trenches for the duration of the project.
  3. Steam clean all surfaces to remove trace contaminants of acids and caustic to allow for safe working conditions; also neutralized acidic fluid to safely dispose of fluid.
  4. Remove damaged, corroded and cracked steel trench inserts and replaced with new fabricated inserts.
  5. Erect hording over trenches to protect surrounding process equipment from sandblasting media.
    • Building was still fully operational during install which minimized all production downtime for the client.
  6. Sandblasted entire metal surface of the trenches and sump.
  7. Cleaned all sandblasting media after blasting for a debris free surface for coatings.
  8. Applied specialty coatings to resist highly concentrated acids and caustic fluids.
  9. Full quality control inspection and testing completed.
  10. Removal and de-mobilization of all subcontractors, equipment and offices onsite.

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