Test em & Plug em – floor drain compliance

26 October 2020
3 minutes
  • Do you have leaks, holes, gaps or damage in the sumps or trenches in your facility?
  • Would you know it if you did?

Halo can help with our leak detection method and Polyurethane repair and replacement system.

Sump & Trench Integrity Testing


The client has a network of sumps and trenches running throughout their process buildings that were built over 10 years ago.

These trenches and sumps are metal lined and the interstitial space between the metal liner and the concrete is full of water.

Hydro testing could not verify and pinpoint where the liners are leaking.


Halo uses a non-toxic water vapor chemical that emits harmless smoke fog that accurately finds any leak no matter how big or small.

The process involves sectioning off areas of the trench – cleaning out the water that may be in the interstitial space – then introducing the smoke through the leak detection monitoring tubes that go under the liner.

As the pressure builds any hole, tear, loose weld, or crack in the liner was identified by smoke pouring out of it. All deficiencies were photographed and documented.

An added benefit of using smoke is that also tests the concrete substrate for any cracks or deficiencies.

Smoke began to appear outside of the trench system in other areas of the building including electrical conduits, concrete, piles, and other piping running into the floor.  These deficiencies were also photographed and documented.


  • The testing identified leaks in both the metal insert but also in the concrete substrate. This could result in any containments from the process buildings to migrate into the ground and resulting in clean up costs to the client.
  • Halo’s recommendation – spray a liner into the sump and trench system to replace the existing steel liner.
    • The spray liner will conform to any shape, making the tight areas easy to get into and spray coat.
    • It also allows us to create a second layer of protection onto the concrete in case the primary system should fail.
    • Halo’s spray liner is also a very cost effective method at providing a full containment system to replace the old metal one.
  • Some of the highlights of using Halo’s spray liner:
    • Chemically resistant to some of the harshest chemicals being used in our clients facility.
    • Long life durability with extended exposure to the elements.
    • Easy installation and maintenance going forward.
    • Customized warranty program that fits the clients needs.

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