Compressor buildings leaking or floors icing up?

12 April 2021
4 minutes

Prevent costly site clean ups and potential hazards with Halo’s custom compressor solutions.

Gas compressor building look like this?

The Problem

  • Gas Compressors have always been a challenge to contain the leaking fluids from the engine due to the constant vibration in the building.
    • This violent vibration from the engine that drives the compressor causes belly pans to wiggle loose from their fittings, clamps on hoses loosen, and welds on drip pans start to crack.
    • No matter how strong the welds are, the movement of the building due to vibration causes stress fractures and potential areas for hydrocarbons to leak through and into the ground on your well site.
  • This leads to costly clean up bills and soil remediation costs.

Have us clean it up and contain it for you to look like this.

The simple solution to this problem is to install a flexible, vibration resistant, elastomeric liner in your belly pan or under your building the encompasses all of the cross beams, corners and conduits under your building.

This impervious membrane traps and holds onto the leaking contaminants coming out of the compressor engine preventing them from entering the ground under the building.

Leaving it to be safely and easily removed on the regular maintenance clean out schedules.

A small investment in Halo’s spray in Polyurethane liner will save you money and headaches down the road.

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Having issues with ice build up in winter? Is it causing safety issues? Wish you had a low cost – easy install solution?

The Problem

  • Compressor buildings that are sitting above ground on piles experience significant heat loss through the metal floor due to an un-insulated skid underside of the building.
  • Despite a warm interior due to engine and heater operations the metal floor still frosts over in cold weather and builds up ice.
  • This causes significant safety issues with foot traffic inside the building increasing the potential for slips and trips.
  • It also leads to a serious problem of rusting on metal components with constant moisture introduction.
  • The final major issue with this heat loss is a reduction of energy efficiency in the building leading to increased heating costs and carbon output due to the additional heat needed.

This problem plagues numerous building designs such as these which do not have adequate insulation or skirting around the building.

One of the solutions to this problem is to install skirting around the outer perimeter of the building attaching to the bottom of the skid and extending to the ground.

  • The problem with this method is additional welding, install time and manpower leads to a higher cost to prevent floor ice up.
  • It also prevents the sun and wind from drying out the aggregate fill under the compressor which leads to mold and other water issues.
  • Not to mention a built in skirting lets rodents, rabbits and other insects in to nest underside causing other issues.

Halo’s Solution
  • Install 3” of closed cell polyurethane spray foam insulation to prevent icing of the metal floor in cold weather.
  • This method keeps the cold out and the heat in thereby eliminating floor icing and preventing slips and trips with operators in the building, eliminates freeze thaw cycle and preventing rusting on metal components, increases building efficiency which saves money on heating and prevents excess emissions from being released into the environment.
  • The installation costs when compared to installing traditional metal skirting around the building are also significantly reduced with our small crew size and minimal time onsite to install.
  • The method also allows the sun and air flow to dry out the ground below the building which eliminates the chances of mold from forming and also does not give critters a place to call home under your building.

New building or old buildings – spray foam insulation can handle them all. And we can also provide a fire resistant top coating to comply with facility site requirements.

A small investment in insulation will save you money and headaches down the road.

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