Concrete not only impacts your space's appearance and aesthetics but also plays a crucial role in maintaining the structural integrity of your facility and structures. This porous material is porous by nature susceptible to water infiltration, especially when it's old, cracked or damaged. Concrete coatings seamlessly apply to these surfaces, filling in the cracks, holes, voids and broken areas to create a waterproof seal that protects your infrastructure. Depending on your facility operations, coatings can also help you remain compliant with regulations that require adequate containment and prevention of chemical migration through the concrete and into the ground or water source below, cause numerous other environmental contamination issues.

At Halo Environmental Ltd., we recognize the importance of these areas and help our clients with advanced concrete floor coatings you can trust to act as durable protection layers that are resistant to water infiltration, freeze - thaw cycles, and chemical exposure.

Our Concrete Coating Solutions 

Halo Environmental Ltd. has worked closely with clients across Western Canada for over 20 years, providing the specialty coatings required to improve site-wide performance, environmental standards and safety. The process begins with applying concrete waterproofing products to the area using PENETRON® Crystalline Waterproofing material.

The Penetron chemicals penetrate into the cracks, micro-cracks and capillary tracts of the concrete through osmosis, Brownian movement and dry particle reactions.

The Penetron active ingredients react with concrete minerals to form insoluble crystals, which fill out cracks, pores and voids up to a width of 500 microns. This crystalline growth takes place deep inside the concrete structure up to one meter from the point of application.

Water molecules (and a wide range of chemicals) can now no longer pass through the concrete. However, air can still pass, allowing the concrete to breathe. This avoids the build-up of vapor pressure.

In the absence of further moisture, the Penetron components lie dormant. Should moisture recur at any time, the self-healing process resumes automatically and advances deeper into the concrete.

Additional advantages of using Penetron waterproofing materials:

Enhanced strength: does not come apart at the seams, tear or puncture; increases compressive strength of concrete

Enhances durability: greatly reduces permeability, allowing concrete to resist chemical attack and provides a wide range of protection from freeze-thaw cycles, corrosion, aggressive groundwater, sea water, carbonates, chlorides, sulfates and nitrates

Versatile: can be applied to either new or existing concrete as a coating (from the positive or negative side), as a dry-shake to horizontal surfaces or as an admixture at the time of batching

Permanent: once the concrete is treated, the PENETRON crystals remain active and part of the concrete for life

Following Waterproofing

After waterproofing, we move into applying our specialty concrete coatings, which offer impressive protection against corrosion, abrasion and extreme chemical exposure resistance to an assortment of substances, such as oil, fuel, acids and caustic materials. Our 100% solid, HL-550 polyurethane coating is a multi-component product aligning with and exceeding D55 requirements set by the Alberta Energy Regulator. By aligning our services to these Upstream Petroleum Industry standards, we go above and beyond to prevent soil, groundwater and surface water contamination through the implementation of trusted storage practices.

Concrete Protective Coatings Features 

At Halo, we handle the installation and oversee all waterproofing and coating applications in the field and on-site. Our hands-on approach ensures our chemical resistant concrete coatings are ready to endure continuous use for years, offering their full range of features, including: 

  • Efficient drying time 

  • No volatile organic compound (VOC) content 

  • Maximum temperature of 176 degrees Celsius

  • Long-lasting life expectancy

  • Application temperatures range from -40 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius 

  • Impressive fire resistance 

  • High abrasion resistance

  • Tested to various ASTM standards 

Applications of Concrete Coating Solutions

Our clients who work in all types of industries throughout Western Canada rely on their concrete infrastructure to create the robust foundation required to accomplish their goals. Concrete is a strong material known for its durability and strength. This toughness is essential when exposed to harsh chemicals, severe weather and high-traffic situations, increasing the risk of inefficient operations or accidents. 

Instead, organizations can add premium concrete protective waterproofing and coatings throughout their commercial or industrial facility to improve their floors' or walls' performance and longevity. 

Whether you want to protect against chemical spills or decrease the impact of regular foot traffic, we can apply our concrete floor coatings to any location across numerous industries, including: 

  • Barrel docks

  • Warehouse floors 

  • Wash bays

  • Loading areas 

  • Floor drain systems including sumps and trenches

  • Tank base systems

  • Tank farms

  • Chemical storage areas

  • Tank skirting / aprons and water mitigation drainage systems

Concrete Coatings With Halo Environmental Ltd.

Look no further than Halo Environmental Ltd. for all your concrete coating needs. We've worked for decades to create top-of-the-line concrete protective coating solutions to ensure the biggest energy producers within the oil and gas, industrial, mining and forestry sectors have exactly what they need to succeed. Our services carefully adhere to strict safety and environmental standards, and our experts can tailor our work to suit your demands and objectives. 

We're a locally owned and operated organization with wide-scale abilities to deliver unrivaled value. We approach every project with strict attention to detail, coordinating every task to ensure completion is on time and within budget. Our narrower focus enables our team to offer a hands-on approach to work on-site and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Want to learn more about your concrete coating services? Contact our team online for more information!

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