Protecting the surfaces of your most valuable equipment is crucial to optimizing your facility operations. Chemical-resistant coatings allow you to protect your equipment and infrastructure better by increasing the life span and maximize their performance.

Halo Environmental Ltd. is an industry-leading specialty coatings applicator for the oil and gas, mining, industrial and forestry sectors throughout Western Canada. Our chemical-resistant coatings are some of the highest performing in the industry, and we are expert applicators with our on-site installation team that can help you create a protected and productive working environment.

Features of Chemical-Resistant Spray Coatings

Chemical-resistant coatings are integral additions to any work site filled with potentially dangerous chemicals, hydrocarbons, acids, caustics and solvents. These coatings also act as a protective layer against temperature changes, moisture, corrosion and other environmental concerns. They seal your equipment & infrastructure to preserve its operational integrity to decrease the risk of wear and other forms of damage. As a result, you'll enjoy enhanced performance that you can trust to work reliably and last for years.

At Halo Environmental Ltd., we install innovative 100% solids polyurethane, novolac, and epoxy chemical-resistant coatings for pipelines, vessels, steel, and concrete substrates. These high-performance coatings align with AER D55, CSA-Z245.30 & ISO 21809-3 standards and regulations to provide excellent tolerance against chemical & abrasive damage while maintaining a lasting bond to surfaces. We leverage cutting-edge technology, equipment, and QA/QC to install these coatings, ensuring our installations are done right the 1st time to provide a lasting coating you can count on. With the coating applied, you can expect to create a safer and more efficient space with a high-quality coating surrounding your most important tools.

Our coatings are designed to deliver excellent performance capabilities, including:

  • Convenient spray-on application - small crew size with minimal equipment to mobilize

  • 3-hour to 72-hour cure times on coatings for quick return to service

  • Impressive burn resistance (ULC-72 surface burn rating) on specific coatings

  • Lasting adhesion properties with bond strengths +/- 1500psi when attached to prepared steel substrates

  • High operational thermal resistance and low installation temperature limits

  • No volatile organic compound (VOC) content

  • Applications of Spray Protective Coatings

Applications of Spray Protective Coatings 

Protective coatings offer much more than just corrosion improvement, and provide equipment with a variety of performance advantages. Industry professionals can apply these chemical-resistant coatings to concrete, steel, asphalt or wooden substrates regularly exposed to harsh or demanding environments. This type of coating offers impressive strength and resistance to many contaminants, such as oil, fuel, fertilizers and other chemicals. 

They're commonly used on products such as: 

  • Tanks and vessels

  • Compressors 

  • Concrete surfaces 

  • Containment systems (primary & secondary)

  • Wellheads 

  • Below & above ground pipe

  • Warehouse floors

  • Water towers, wate water facilities, hydro electric 

  • Oil and gas, mining and forestry facilities 

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If you're searching for high-performance, chemical-resistant spray coatings to protect your
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We've remained steadfast in our mission for over 20 years, proudly serving
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At Halo Environmental, we believe our employees are our biggest asset. Each of our professionals possesses the skills and knowledge to work effectively in a broad range of environments to deliver dependable  on-site services. They've driven our organization to earn accreditation with the industry standard COR certification, ensuring our team has what it takes to create an accident-free workplace and get the job done right the first time.
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