Halo Environmental uses the latest technology in spray applied polyurethane liners and equipment to apply our secondary containment systems. These liners are completely seamless and require zero additional hardware to attach to surfaces or around piping, pilling, on to concrete or metal surfaces.

Halo custom fits all our spray liners to any new or existing containment area and matches the topography of the environment in which we are containing. Making pipe and pile protrusions or 3 dimensional obstacles an easy task to contain around compared to traditional forms of sheet lining membranes. Apply to any clean and dry surface for excellent product adhesion to any substrate for maximum effectiveness.
Product Features

  • Remains flexible down to minus 50 Celsius

  • -52C is the coldest ambient temperature we have sprayed in

  • UV resistant. Does not require ground cover

  • No VOC’s. No chance of an explosion, safe to be around, do not have to shut down machinery

  • Will conform to any shape

  • Can attach to virtually any surface

  • Seamless non-stressed liner

  • Outstanding life expectancy

  • Resistance to aggressively corrosive environments

  • Alberta’s D55 compliant, and other provinces rigorous regulations

  • Easily repaired if damaged

  • Fast drying and set up time

  • Available in a variety of colors

  • Fire resistant


Oil Field

  • Under compressor installations

  • Tank farms

  • Around wellheads & pump jacks

  • Around pig senders/receivers

  • Barrel docks

  • Containment ponds

  • Drainage ditches

  • Sumps and trenches


  • Floors of buildings/warehouses

  • Roofs

  • Water treatment facilities

  • Water storage facilities

  • Waste water treatment facilities

  • Wash bays

  • Elevator shafts


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