Halo Provides Spray Foam Insulation In Calgary, Edmonton, and Grande Prairie

Halo Environmental offers spray foam insulation for applications in oilfield projects including: tank spray foam insulation, pipe and well head spray foam insulation, and oilfield skid spray foam insulation. Halo also offers residential spray foam insulation in Alberta. Additionally we can apply the spray foam insulation in commercial applications such as shops and commercial building roofs.
Residential Spray Foam Insulation
Sprayed Polyurethane Foam delivers one of the highest R values available. It also creates an airtight seal between the interior and exterior environments. Foam adds structural strength to wall assemblies, giving you a much stronger, quieter home. Ideal application is for bonus room floors, joist ends and cantilevers. To attain an R20 value in older 2 X 4 construction, 2 pound foam is ideal. You can achieve an R35 value in 2 X 6 construction. Spray Foam Insulation has obvious benefits in comparison to standard batt insulation — the costs savings from the energy efficiency of the increased R value far outweigh the higher initial cost of spray foam.
Commercial Spray Foam Insulation
Our Spray Foam can be applied to the following commercial situations: metal pre-fab buildings old and new, quonsets, barns, shops, sea-cans, etc.
Insulthane® Extreme is designed to meet modern building science strategies of effective energy efficiency and lasting durability. Add value to your project with a premium product that’s proven to achieve a tighter building enclosure and add the highest insulation values, while delivering a strong return on investment. Effective January 1, 2021, the use of Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) in spray polyurethane foams will be eliminated nationwide. Extreme is formulated without harmful HFCs resulting in an ultra-low Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 1.* Compared to closed-cell alternatives that have GWPs ranging from 700-1400, Extreme offers the lowest GWP rating available. When you choose Extreme, you’re playing a critical part in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
Elastomeric Top Coat – a high build, elastomeric coating possessing tremendous flexibility and resistance to weathering while providing a Flame Spread Classification of less than 25 and Smoke Density rating of less than 50. Provides protection from UV degradation and wind-driven rain with exceptional elongation properties even at low temperatures when applied over sprayed urethane foam insulation.
Oilfield Tank Spray Foam Insulation
Spray foam completely encapsulates the tank, but will leave all valves, man ways, and controls exposed for easy access. Polyurethane spray foam has an outstanding R value which will maintain a constant temperature throughout the tank and will aid in reducing heating costs. Mice, rodents, and birds are unable to penetrate the spray foam product thereby reducing any associated problems.
Oilfield Skid Spray Foam Insulation
Applying spray polyurethane foam to the underside of the skid creates a thermal break. This layer of insulation creates a barrier between the cold external atmosphere and the warm, moist interior atmosphere. The effects of the temperature differences are now not able to affect the floor. Employees will not slip and fall; interior temperature can be maintained easily, creating a comfortable atmosphere for everyone; and interior floor coatings will have a longer life.
Spray Foam Insulation For Roofing
Spray foam insulation is a seamless fully adhered membrane that conforms to irregular shapes on all metal and flat/low slope tar & gravel roofs. It encapsulates all fasteners & seams, and seals around all roofing penetrations, and completely eliminates leaking. It is energy efficient and does not allow for condensation. Reduces metal roof temperature fluctuations and eliminates heat cycling which causes expansion and contraction of the joints. Spray foam insulation also regulates the internal building temperature by preventing heat loss which equals energy and cost savings. All roofs come with a 5-10yr warranty.
RV Spray Foam
Insulate the underside of your RV or Holiday Trailer. Benefits: a)prevents hot air from escaping through the floor keeping your trailer warm and comfortable in cold weather, and keeps cool air in during those hot summer months, b)helps to keep energy costs low as it takes less fuel/electricity to keep the temperature inside at a constant level, c)helps to keep mice and other creatures out. An inch and a half of foam will give you an “R” Value of about 10.

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