Time to get your field tanks cleaned and coated. We can help!

31 January 2023
2 minutes

Coatings & Sandblasting Services for all your storage tank needs.

Internal & External coatings for old or new field tanks. In the field or in the shop, Halo can access any location no matter how remote.
Here’s how we can help you with your next maintenance project.

  • Halo crews will enter the tank and conduct a thorough blasting to spec with our environmentally friendly media to remove all traces of any previous coatings, along with any rust, mil scale and other contaminants from the surface of the tank interior.
  • The tank is then cleaned out of all blasting debris and contaminates and verified that the proper SSPC requirement has been met.
  • The coating application will follow as per client product specifications.
    • Halo can apply any product needed, and can make recommendations for excellent cost effective, performance enhancing, new coating technology.
  • Once the recommended coating thickness has been applied, Halo can then verify the coating thickness and uniformity throughout the tank.
  • If needed, we can also bring in a 3rd party inspection service if the client requires.

Fully Mobile

Can Service ANY Location

Multiple Costings Options for Standard Production Fluids, Potable Water, Acids and Harsh Chemicals

Very Cost Competitive

Any Size Field Tanks Tanks

Dustless Blasting Options

Can service all of western Canada

Our crews are dedicated to ensuring the best installation service the 1st time. Let us show you the difference Halo can make.

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