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15 April 2020
3 minutes

We’re still here and happy to assist you with non-site service products that you can deploy without any help from us. Our pipeline pillows and tank pads are manufactured locally in Alberta and shipped direct to your project. These light weight support products are easily handled with one or two people and quickly deployed to maximize efficiency on site and minimize employee contact on site. Read below for more details.
From the Halo Team



Our custom tank pads are designed to fit any flat-bottomed tank size. 


  • High compressive strength allows for large sized tanks fully loaded with fluid.
  • Easy and fast install with the interlocking key design. Just set down on a level surface and place each quarter in its respective slot.
  • UV, chemical, and impact resistant with a highly durable top coating on the foam that wraps the pad in a protective coating.
  • All locally made and manufactured in Western Canada.
  • Comes in black, white or grey.


  • Prevents heat loss by insulating the underside of your tank.
  • Keeps corrosion from setting in by keeping your tank off the ground out of water.
  • Light weight – can be moved on or off location with two people.


  • Type 2 foam = to 20psi compressive strength
  • Closed cell expanded poly EPS 140 kpa (20psi) for moderate loads
  • Type 3 foam = to 28psi compressive strength
  • 210 kpa (30psi) compressive strength for heavy duty loads
  • CCMC 12425-L rated



Foam blocks for pipe supports and pillows designed for high compressive strength and resistance to deterioration.

Features & Benefits:

  • 30psi foam blocks available.
  • 30” long x 12”wide x 7.3/4 thick.
  • Light weight and easy to install.
  • Low cost when compared to sand bags and other spray foam options.
  • Will not absorb water or deteriorate when backfilled.


Compressive Resistance2 Minimum @ 10% strain D1621 kPa (psi) 210 (30)
Compressive Modulus Minimum D1621 kPa (psi) 7,500 (1,088)
Thermal Resistance3 Minimum per 25 mm (1 inch) thickness C518 m2 0 • C/W (ft ƒhƒ F/BTU) 0.74 (4.3)
Flexural Strength Minimum C203 kPa (psi) 345 (50)
Water Vapour Permeance Maximum E96 ng/(Pa·s·m2) (Perms) 130 (2.26)
Water Absorption4 Maximum D2842 % By volume 2.0
Dimensional Stability Maximum 7 Days @ 70 ± 2qC (158 ± 4qF) D2126 % Linear Change 1.5
Limiting Oxygen Index Minimum D2863 % 24

Call us for a no obligation assessment to learn how our tank pads and pipeline pillows will benefit your business.
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