Product Catalogue

28 April 2024
3 minutes

Welcome to the Halo Environmental Product Catalogue, your comprehensive guide to innovative solutions for environmental protection and project management excellence.

We specialize in a diverse range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients across various industries. From cutting-edge spray foam insulation applications to advanced coatings systems,

we are committed to maximizing production efficiency while minimizing environmental impact.

Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering top-tier solutions that prioritize sustainability, safety, and success. Explore our catalogue to discover how Halo Environmental can empower your projects and safeguard your assets with precision and proficiency.

Experience the difference Halo can make on your next project. No scope to big or small, Halo’s dedicated Project Management workforce will work with you from front-end engineering design to finish.

Pipeline maintenance schedule assistance: sandblasting for assessment, blasting for coatings, multiple coating options, sleeves and wraps available. Halo has the equipment, crews and knowledge to service any dig site in Western Canada.

PENETRON’s technology enhances durability and lifespan of concrete by combining high quality cements, quartz, sand and proprietary active ingredients that creates an effective system to permanently reduce permeability and waterproof concrete.

Polyurethane Spray Liners for secondary containment for: Tank Farms, Sumps & Trenches, Tank aprons, Gas Compressor Containment, Corrosion Prevention, Pond Liners, High Temperature and Chemical Resistance, UV resistant.

Coating protects against harsh chemicals and temperatures. High impact resistance makes it great to use on your facility floors. Protect any concrete surface from: acids, moisture, hydrocarbons, surface traffic. Non-slip surfaces and multiple colors available.

We use green diamond sand which is safe to use on any site. Our sandblasting units are mobile so we can come to you and perform any sandblasting work needed.

Applications include: storage tanks, skids, vessels, industrial and commercial buildings (new and existing), roofing.

Pipeline breakers for erosion control. Rock guard for protection against backfill aggregate damage. Pipeline pillow rests / risers for pipeline support. Insulative R value to maintain heat in your pipeline. 2lbs closed cell prevents material from absorbing water.

Insulation for wellheads of all pipe size and configuration. Low cost, UV, bird and rodent resistant spray foam insulation will keep your wells flowing throughout the coldest Canadian winters.

Pre-fabricated clam shells built to any size pipe. 2lbs closed cell spray foam prevents water from soaking into insulation and pipe corrosion. Minimal labor needed for install keeps cost down. Protective top coats add fire / UV / impact resistance for any jobsite.

Foam blocks for pipe supports and pillows designed for high compressive strength and resistance to deterioration. Light weight and easy to install. Low cost when compared to sand bags and other spray foam options.

Smoke testing provides visual verification of any breeches in your secondary containment area. We can detect even the smallest pin hole leaks. In addition, this method also detects weak or loose boot clamps, seams, and wall connections with flat bars.

Halo Environmental is committed to protecting the health and safety of everyone who plays a part in our operations, from our employees to our clients and the community’s in which we operate.

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