Product Catalogue 2020

14 May 2020
3 minutes

Polyurethane Spray Liners for secondary containment for:
Tank Farms, Sumps & Trenches, Tank aprons, Gas Compressor Containment, Corrosion Prevention, Pond Liners, High Temperature and Chemical Resistance, UV resistant


Coating protects against harsh chemicals and temperatures. High impact resistance makes it great to use on your facility floors. Protect any concrete surface from: acids, moisture, hydrocarbons, surface traffic. Non-slip surfaces and multiple colors available.

Zero ground disturbance walls are easy and safe to install because there is no digging of post holes or support braces. The system meets Alberta’s stringent D55 requirements. Cross-over stair packages can be included and built for operations access.


Applications include: storage tanks, skids, vessels, industrial and commercial buildings (new and existing), roofing.


Pre-fabricated clam shells built to any size pipe. 2lbs closed cell spray foam prevents water from soaking into insulation and pipe corrosion. Minimal labor needed for install keeps cost down. Protective top coats add fire / UV / impact resistance for any jobsite.

Pipeline breakers for erosion control. Rock guard for protection against backfill aggregate damage. Pipeline pillow rests / risers for pipeline support. Insulative R value to maintain heat in your pipeline. 2lbs closed cell prevents material from absorbing water.

We use green diamond sand which is safe to use on any site. Our sandblasting units are mobile so we can come to you and perform any sandblasting work needed.

Custom designed to any tank size. Keeps bottom of tank out of water and moisture free preventing corrosion. Insulates tank to prevent heat loss reducing energy costs. Does not degrade due to UV, chemical or water exposure. Locally manufactured.

Smoke testing provides visual verification of any breeches in your secondary containment area. We can detect even the smallest pin hole leaks. In addition, this method also detects weak or loose boot clamps, seams, and wall connections with flat bars.

PENETRON’s technology enhances durability and lifespan of concrete by combining high quality cements, quartz, sand and proprietary active ingredients that creates an effective system to permanently reduce permeability and waterproof concrete.


Carboline Thermo-Lag: lowest installed cost, explosion resistant, lowest weight per rating, inherent flexibility and elongation, no cold weather cracking or disbanding, very high compressive strength, great for shop and field applications.

Light weight, high compression foam blocks designed for pipeline support pillows in all environments. Resistant to water, mold and temperature deterioration and are easily moved into place under any size pipe. These highly rigid blocks are very cost effective and can be customized to your project no matter how big or small. What ever quantities you need from one or two or an entire trailer full, we have the solutions for your next pipeline support project on hand and ready to go.

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