Pipeline Pillows

14 May 2023
2 minutes

Foam blocks for pipe supports and pillows designed for high compressive strength and resistance to deterioration.


Supporting the pipeline in the trench can be a labor intensive task when using sandbags. Especially when done in the winter months and the sandbags are frozen, they are hard to work with, can slide out of position and can tear apart leading to ineffective pipeline support.

Not to mention labor to install is increased when there are a significant amount of sandbags needed.


Pre-made lightweight polystyrene pipeline pillows that are easily stacked in place under the pipe sections. These pillows do not break down after backfill, will last forever, come in varying densities for small or large OD pipeline size and will not compress or get crushed with the weight of the line.

These blocks can be installed in any temperature, do not absorb water and can even be cut to fit in areas where the trench is not uniform.


  • 30psi foam blocks available.
  • 30” long x 12”wide x 7.3/4 thick.
  • Light weight and easy to install.
  • Low cost when compared to sand bags and other spray foam
  • Will not absorb water or deteriorate when backfilled.
Compressive Resistance2Minimum @ 10% strainD1621kPa (psi)210 (30)
Compressive ModulusMinimumD1621kPa (psi)7,500 (1,088)
Thermal Resistance3Minimum per 25 mm (1 inch) thicknessC518m2 0 • C/W (ft ƒhƒ F/BTU)0.74 (4.3)
Flexural StrengthMinimumC203kPa (psi)345 (50)
Water Vapour PermeanceMaximumE96ng/(Pa·s·m2) (Perms)130 (2.26)
Water Absorption4MaximumD2842% By volume2.0
Dimensional StabilityMaximum 7 Days @ 70 ± 2qC (158 ± 4qF)D2126% Linear Change1.5
Limiting Oxygen IndexMinimumD2863%24

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