Industry’s Top Choice For Insulating Above Ground Pipelines With Spray Foam Insulation.

18 April 2024
3 minutes

The Better Choice for Insulating Your Pipelines.

Pre-fabricated custom fit insulation shells shipped ready to install for your project

Custom Pipe

Custom pipe shells for any size pipe built as per specs provided. Elbow joints that come with inspection ports installed and ready to go.

Quick Onsite

Super quick installation onsite eliminating high labor costs and extended duration. Eliminates weather installation issues as the closed cell polyurethane spray foam does not absorb moisture.

Watertight To
Prevent Corrosion

Finished product is watertight preventing metal corrosion, UV resistant, and if desired impact resistant. Access pipe joints and valves with custom removable sections. Ask us about custom color options.

What do clients love about their experiences?

Eliminate Cold Weather Freeze Ups

  • Prevents moisture from entering into protective insulation and eliminates exterior pipe corrosion.
  • Rodents, birds and other pests cannot live in the insulation and with hard exterior topcoat are not able to eat the insulation.
  • Very high insulation factor – R7/1” spray foam which allows fluids to flow freely even in the most frigid temperatures.
  • Easy to remove sections for future maintenance.
  • Built in inspection ports allow for routine pipeline inspection without further damage to the insulation or possibility of moisture entering.

Free Consultation & Estimates

  • New or existing projects? We have the expertise to handle all size of projects.
  • Need a site visit? No problem, it’s all done at no charge to you.

Cost Savings Using Spray Foam Insulation

  • All prefabricated material gets custom built to your pipeline allowing superior cost savings when compared to traditional forms of insulation.
  • Pipe clam shells also come pre-coated with a protective coating suited for your specific project.
  • Need a low-cost UV coat only? Or a top-of-the-line impact resistant top coat? We have numerous options for you to choose from that fit your budget.
  • Ultra-fast onsite installation – clam shells are fully finished when shipped, all that’s left is to snap them onto the pipe, fit around the joints and fill the seams in with a quick shot of spray foam to seal everything in place.
  • Small crew size needed to install – as all prefabricated pieces are built for your project, we can reduce the field fabrication time that can add up using other types of insulating material.

Halo Environmental is committed to protecting the health and safety of everyone who plays a part in our operations, from our employees to our clients and the community’s in which we operate.

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