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29 May 2022
3 minutes

Spring is finally here and its time to think about your containment systems.

  • Do you know Halo has a simple, cost effective, non invasive method to test your tank farm berms and liners?

Scroll down for more and see how you can avoid a potential messy clean up down the road.

Secondary Containment
Tank farm annual inspection & testing

  • Smoke testing provides visual verification of any breeches in your secondary containment area.
  • We can detect even the smallest pin hole leaks.
  • In addition, this method also detects weak or loose boot clamps, seams, and wall connections with flat bars.
  • Non-toxic, environmentally safe fogging smoke is injected under the existing tank farm liners and are pressurized to fill a 2000 sq foot area at a time.
  • Once the smoke has flooded the area, it quickly moves to the points of least resistance through any holes, cracks or seam failures and gives our operators visual confirmation of breeches in the containment liner.
  • We then identify, mark and record all inefficiencies throughout the tank farm and provide a complete written report for our clients at the end along with a complete solution and path forward to fix the trouble areas.

Solutions for existing tank farms that need a full liner replacement

  • Tank farms that have a failed lining system in place sometimes are beyond repair.
  • In these cases, Halo can install a spray applied liner over top of the existing liner – without having to lift any tanks or other infrastructure.
  • All we need is a clean dry surface to work off of and we can install our custom made factory panels through the tank farm, and spray seal them together creating a singular uniform monolithic liner to provide secondary containment.
  • A very cost effective solution when dealing with older containment areas.

Above Ground
Storage Tank Insulation

  • Replace old weather soaked insulation that lets moisture sit on the tank wall with 2Lbs closed cell spray foam insulation that not only protects the shell of the tank from invasive moisture but also provides superior insulation to keep your tanks hot.
  • Energy savings, environmentally friendly, and low maintenance costs are just a few of the advantages of using spray foam insulation for your tanks.
  • 100bbl tanks to 10,000bbl tanks – any size tank is a great option for spray foam insulation.
  • Small damage to existing insulation is also easily fixed with spot treatments of injectable spray foam.
  • Fix the immediate area and prevent heat loss, water infiltration, and animal nesting with small area repairs.
  • Multiple color options for top coating also available.

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